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10 Mar

As the UK gradually moves out of recessionary times, many individuals have opted to return to education as a means to improve their CVs and broaden their skills base to make themselves more employable. This trend looks set to continue over the next year, and although it is perhaps not unexpected to see many people eager to brush up on literacy and math, the rising popularity of Police Officer degree courses may be a little more surprising.

Of course, it may even be surprising to hear of a Police Officer degree at in the first place - as most people assume entry into the force is achieved via training with the police. Yet, it may be that officers are eager to acquire further skills beyond the standard training that is making such courses more popular and well-known.

So what does a degree in police studies entail? As well as dealing with the practical strategies for dealing with crime first hand (including antisocial behavior, theft, robbery, terrorism and organized crime), studying the role of the police at degree level also deals with the more theoretical aspects of criminology and law. A Police Officer degree will therefore include in-depth study of the context of crime and its reasons for occurring on a community, national and international level - as well as the psychological facets of crime in criminals and victims, and the role of punishment and the penal system.

It is the focus on these aspects which has no doubt led to a number of UK institutions developing police studies courses online, making them even more accessible for older learners. BA in policing online degree courses are designed to be undertaken from home and subsequently do not incur the costs of student accommodation and travel, you just need a suitable computer and internet connection.

But it is perhaps the lack of time constraints imposed on distance learners that is most appealing to those who are returning to education during - or after - work. Although there are deadlines to meet and scheduled terms, study can mostly be undertaken at whatever time is convenient for the individual learner making it easier to fit in around ongoing work or family commitments. Read more claims about education, go to

If you did not know, you are now aware that you can enroll in the dream policing college you have longed for. All you have to do is ensure that you meet all the requirements of joining the courses.

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